Cover_PA Oct-Nov 2015_180w
Cover_PA Oct-Nov 2015_180w

Oct/Nov 2015 (print)


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Included in this issue:
• The New E-commerce
• Build Your Facebook Following
• Instagram: It’s All About the Hashtag
• Portrait Marketing
• Social Practice Art
• And More!




Tractor Dreams, 2014, by Lizzie Gill. Oil and mixed media on canvas,
36” x 36” x 1”. Copyright © Lizzie Gill. Used by permission of the artist.
Read more about Gill on Page 30.


14 Your Art Career and YouTube
By Dennis Dorrell

20 Build Your Following on Facebook
By Gigi Rosenberg

30 Find Your Place in the New E-commerce
By Vicki Krohn Amorose

36 Explore Experiential Art
By Thea Fiore Bloom

44 Thrive Off the Beaten Path
By Elena Parashko

50 Instagram: It’s All About the Hashtag
By Ora Sorensen

54 Rise of Social Practice Art
By Daniel Grant

62 Portrait Marketing
By Marc Davis

66 New Frontiers in Creative Civility
By Elaine Grogan Luttrull

4 Editor’s Letter
By Gigi Rosenberg

5 Headlines & Details
By Gigi Rosenberg

12 Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Kahn Barlow
By Jenny Andreasson

75 Calls to Artists

18 State of the Art: Shows for Art Technology
By Terry Sullivan

29 Coaching the Artist: Evolution of Artists’ Roles
By Eric Maisel

35 Planning Your Art Business: Depreciating Assets
By Robert Reed

61 Heart to Heart: Always a Market for High-quality Art
By Jack White

80 Artrepreneur Coach: Art for a Greater Purpose
By Renée Phillips

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