Annie Strack ( has artwork included in a number of museums, and other public and private collections. Her instructional DVD, Painting Seascapes in Watercolor — The Red Dinghy, is available on her Web site for $24.95 plus $5 shipping and handling. Friend her on Facebook at, follow her on Twitter at, or visit her at

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Enhancing the Art Buying Experience

How to Turn Buyers into Collectors

There are many ways that you, as an artist, can enhance the art buying experience without significantly affecting your sales profits. Simple things, such as including a small promotional item or a formal record of an artwork’s exhibition history, might be a little extra cost for you, but can be a significant and valuable bonus to the customer.

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Judge and Jury: What to Expect When Entering Art Shows

Entering an art show, at any level of your career, is a wonderful means of gaining validation and recognition. For beginning artists, receiving appreciation from people other than friends and family can be very encouraging. Competition is an excellent way of building up a resume, especially if one is fortunate enough to win an award. Plus, more people may see your work, increasing the possibility of sales and getting into galleries.

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Creating an Artist-Friendly Community

Many communities are enacting economic stimulus and revitalization programs that specifically address ways to increase their inventory of artistic venues.

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