Eric Maisel is America’s foremost creativity coach and the author of more than 40 books including Making Your Creative Mark, Coaching the Artist Within, Fearless Creating, The Van Gogh Blues, and Mastering Creative Anxiety. Coming soon: Secrets of a Creativity Coach. Dr. Maisel presents two live one-hour teleclasses every month with the Academy for Optimal Living. You can visit Dr. Maisel at or contact him at

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Tap into the 'Creative Tourism' Market

In order to turn tourists into customers, artists must be savvy, proactive, and alert to the vast possibility for income that tourists afford.

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You Can Be the Exception

With so many artists producing work and so few buyers, standing out is vital. Learn some tips and tricks on ways to prove the exception from Eric Maisel.

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Substance abuse in the creative community

Creatives utilizing alcohol as a mend for their artistic struggles is nothing new.

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Are you repeating yourself?

Repetition can mean something differently for every artist. What matters is what it means to you.

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Art in 15 minutes a day

Using spare minutes to create or cultivate ideas for creation can be invaluable for busy artists.

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How Do You Define Your Life's Purpose?

Passionate artists tend to define themselves by their work. Find out ways to create meaning in your life outside of the art world.

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Asking for Money: Part 3

Don’t send an email and take silence to mean that your email was unwelcome, rejected … people are busy and certain requests take time to process.

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Asking for Money: Part 2

In Part 1 of “Asking for Money” we looked at three tips for doing so. Here are three more. Read on…

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Asking for Money: Part 1

You need money for art supplies, building your website, your marketing efforts, and, well, just to live! One challenge is figuring out where to look for the money you need.

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8 Tips for Attending Gallery Openings

Talk to people — and listen to what they say. The dentist you chat with might be your next collector. The journalist might end up doing a story on you.

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