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Create a Marketing and Communications Budget for Your Art Business

Marketing Budget

Just as you need a comprehensive budget to help you to manage your overall business operations, a marketing and communications budget is a central component of your marketing plan, serving as a road map for accomplishing your marketing-related goals.

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Analyze Your Business Finances and Create a Better Budget

Build a Better Budget

Financials are important for measuring your profitability and growth, for creating a yearly budget and making long-term plans. Do you know which financial statements you need to review? How should you analyze them? And when things are not going the way you want them to, how can these numbers help you to get out of the red?

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Keep Your Hands Working: How to Avoid Injury in the Studio

Avoid injury in the studio

Artists, whether they are in the studio for hours, lifting heavy loads or simply typing on the computer, are susceptible to damaging muscles, nerves, tendons and other tissues. What can be done to treat injuries or better yet, prevent them?

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Filing Your 2009 Taxes: Updates on Credits, Deductions, Exemptions and Benefits at a Glance

Every year brings changes to the already complicated Internal Revenue Code. New credits become available, others expand or expire; amounts for credits and deductions also can vary from one year to another. To help you prepare your 2009 return, we've compiled a list of items that are most likely to impact the filing of the average visual artist.

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Ten Ideas to Light Up Holiday Sales

Holiday e-newsletters and announcements from artists are appearing fast and furious in my inbox. What are you doing to generate buzz about your business and hopefully make some sales this holiday season?

How to Network on a Daily Basis


To capture the potential of networking, you need to incorporate networking tasks into your daily routine. Art Calendar caught up with productivity pro Laura Stack and organization expert Julie Morgenstern to ask their advice on how you can flex your networking muscle.

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Luxury Marketing Part 5: Placing Luxury Products

Luxury Marketing 5

Your marketing campaign is only as good as where as you place your product. In the September 2009 issue of Art Calendar magazine, I discussed placement in "Back to Basics: Tried and True Marketing Principles," but let's take a look at placement in the context of luxury brands. Which places work for luxe products?

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Luxury Marketing Part 4: Creating a Luxury Brand

Luxury Marketing 4

Branding is key to creating a product of perceived high-end value. It is through branding that consumers buy into the notion that there are distinctions of value between one product and another.

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Luxury Marketing Part 3: Do you make the luxe list?

Luxury Marketing 3

One reason why luxe is luxe is because the quality and workmanship are bar none. As the economy begins to recover, many market analysts are predicting that quality will take on heightened importance among buyers of the upper stratosphere.

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Luxury Marketing Part 2: Studying Your Target Market

Before you leap into the luxe market, you've got to develop a marketing plan, which starts with defining and studying your target market. In this article, we'll discuss the things you need to know about your prospective buyer, where to find this information and how to analyze the data you uncover so that you can decide whether and how to sell your products to affluent buyers.

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