Renée Phillips is the founder and director of Manhattan Arts International ( Known as “The Artrepreneur Coach,” she offers art marketing advice and coaching to artists worldwide. She is the author of several books and the Artist Success Package. She has organized more than 50 exhibitions including 7 annual “Celebrate The Healing Power of ART”. She invites you to join her group Manhattan Arts International on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter @reneephillipsny, and join her at

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Maintain Your Creative Energy

"You can choose to start any task, however unpleasant it may appear, with an expectation of growing, learning, observing, reflecting and gaining from the experience."

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How Important are Titles of Your Artwork?

Many artists prefer to leave their art “untitled” in order to let the viewer enjoy a personal experience without any interference.

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Successful Art Events Part II

Whether your occasion is a grand opening reception for a one-person exhibition or a more casual open studio, you can create successful art events.

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Achieve Success with Commitment and Discipline

Of all the qualities many successful artists share, I have learned that commitment and discipline may be the most valuable traits of all.

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You Must Adapt to Changing Technology

The quality of your art business and relationships are dependent on how well you understand and utilize new technological developments.

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Selling Your Art through Corporate Art Consultants

If your artwork is appropriate for the business environment, this kind of relationship could lead to a lucrative career.

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Consider Your Art for The Health Care Industry

The need for art in health care facilities is continuously growing in sync with the country's aging population.

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Positive Art News Raises Our Serotonin Levels

Jeff Hanson is a legally blind artist who builds up textures with layers of paint and then uses the ridges to feel his way throughout his painting.

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The Sound of Music in the Artist’s Studio

Whatever habits and rituals the following artists choose, it is obvious that the sound of music is an integral companion in their studio.

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Create Successful Art Events

Although anyone can hang art on the wall, pour some wine, fill a few bowls with snacks, and call it an event.

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